Toe Kyo Whoa Oh. Goh (bye bye).

Toe Kyo Whoa Oh. Goh (bye bye).


I typically require 7-10 hours or so of sleep to recuperate post-show; before a hellish flight lasting anywhere from 6-20-30 hours – I can pull it all off with like 4 or so hours; Japan – I don’t care how much I sleep as long as I eat a lot

Waking up early once again, for my final meal in Japan – I collected Nick, Paolo and myself, and headed back to the alley ways of kindly-hollering Japanese women and mystery stalls with delicious meat-smells pouring out. We did a few passes of the mini-restaurant stalls, cruisin’ that shit like creepers – and decided to go with the spot with the giant pot brewing meat-stew. 

The ceilings were low, the restaurant insanely small and absent of anything in English, it smelled of grilling meat and beer and business men smoking their cigarettes… this was heaven if only for an hour. The three of us took our spots, ordered some beers and began the “pointing ordering”. 

A pickled salad of daikon radish greeted us first (a dish my mom makes a lot) – texturally imagine an almost-cooked potato – sweet and soy-tasting. Some more pickled “stuff” came about (not sure what it was… seemed to be a root or potato) that was a terrific starter. This place was jam-packed in bric-a-brac ala sake and birru and patrons – the cooking area was slightly depressed down into the ground, the counters that surrounded were where you stuff your face. 

I required a heaping bowl of whatever that medieval pot was cooking up: Nikomi. Stomach soup. So freakin’ fantastic. No, stomach ain’t creepy… stomach is good. No. Offal isn’t gross… it’s for the true lovers of food. It’s hailed as the “good stuff” by chefs worldwide; Bourdain and Zimmern are always stoked on some organ meat. Nikomi is a very traditional soup in Japan – not unlike the concept of Menudo in Mexico – it’s mainly stomach, a few other fun digestive bits, cooked for hours ion hours in a broth with veggies. It’s a hang-over elixir to boot (I think). Sweet, spicy, tender, delicious. I faintly was reminded of the best Bloody Mary ever… but with stomach and Japanese flavors. Best I can do for a taste guide, friends. 

My “main” was the “special” set of yaki-tori. Ah – the simplicity of Japanese food; the delicate-nature of everything in Japanese food. Just some meat (or organs), skewered, lightly basted in the appropriate sauce, grilled to perfection, basted, eaten. Vegetarians. Vegans. Ya’ll are missing out. Yaki-tori is something that ought to be enjoyed by all mammals possessing canine-incisors – that chicken heart wasn’t going to become mayor, that beef tongue wasn’t learning Portuguese. But naturally – I applaud your convictions, I drink your meat-shake… up. 

A final pint of Japanese beer, (another) final Matcha Frapp… it was off to Narita. Leaving Japan is like leaving your pet, your wife, your girlfriend, your mother… it hurts… and if it don’t hurt – I don’t wanna know that soulless, shadow of a human being you may be. 

7 thoughts on “Toe Kyo Whoa Oh. Goh (bye bye).

  1. Japan! Y U SO expensive to go to D:
    I can’t wait to have my first and last experiences with Japan when I first go.
    Glad to know you had fun Matt!
    Safe Travels to the next country (:

  2. ” I don’t care how much I sleep as long as I eat a lot. ” My favorite part… xD!
    I have never traveled to Japan, but it is my dream, and I can understand what difficult is leaving your country, it is as if I left Mexico for a while… but don’t worry, I think if you always remember your country or your roots, you always have Japan in your heart.

    by the way, I think you aren’t a simple musician, you are an artist in all the aspect, the way you play the guitar with Trivium, how you search in you imagination to create new songs, the manner you explain your trips, your pictures… etc, etc… really you are a complete artist.

  3. I love yakitori!
    Besides,, it’s very interesting to know Japan from your view!! ’cause I am Japanese.
    I’am looking forward to seeing your blog with these kinds too!!

  4. This story is like about dinner…I feel so! Does yoga even make your stomach stronger? Not so many people can eat motsu & yakitori with beer(biiru) for breakfast! haha
    Thank you so much for hanging! I had a really really good time!!
    Looking forward to seeing you next time, somewhere in the world!

  5. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Mexican food aswell!.. Mexico is a tough place to leave too. Can’t wait to see you and your review about mexican food! :D

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