5 thoughts on “The Matthew Kiichi Heafy Epiphone Les Paul Custom

  1. Great great great great great !
    Trivium has been a huge revelation for me lately. This new album, and Kvelertak new realase in march (+, in another genre, new Arcade Fire album coming up) are making 2013 an amazing year for me already.
    And yes, waiting for it is almost painful but this is great oldschool excitment, I feel like when I was waiting for The more things change successor :)

  2. Very cool of you to use a line of guitars that everyone can afford and play! It’s gonna be cool to jam out at home with the same axe you are. So the big question is: Are you going to use the sig seven string on all the Shogun stuff now, or stay with the explorer??

  3. Just an off topic thought about refining your music and improving your skill. Is it counterproductive to making great art? I was thinking about Nirvana, and how much of a revolution to the music industry it was compared to the over polished crap 80’s rock music was at the time.

    I read alot about your vocal training, and always trying to improve. I don’t think that necessarily will translate into better art over time. If anything, your skill will probably get in the way. I’m probably just talking out of my ***, but i felt i should put my thought into words.

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