“Dawn Of A New Day”








“Dying In Your Arms”



Dawn Of A New Day (At In Flames’ Restaurant, 2112)

Gothenburg, Sweden

Life used to be sort of difficult in Trivium: always hearing of “other bands” that either say that we **** or that “Matt Heafy is a _____ (insert numerous insults in blank)”, or ludicrously cold commentary online about things surpassing the boundaries of necessity when you simply don’t like a band. It hurt a bit being in my late teens just making the kind of music I wanted, but always having to “hear” about how bands, press, or kids thought I or the band sucked. Nowadays? I never hear anything band really (or don’t mind), and I’ve managed to befriend some musicians that I always considered some of the greatest people on Earth.  Continue reading

Stockholm Syndrunk

Stockholm, Sweden

I had just recuperated from some bizarre light form of food poisoning in Norway on the In Flames tour, when it was the night before I was to fly into Stockholm and evade being in the tour bus. Evade being in the tour bus I say? Well… we explained it before – but will happily reiterate: Continue reading