No offense to the residents of cities like Medford, but typically when a semi-world-travelled-band-dude hears that our “halfway point” for our day off/travel day is Medford – we don’t know what to except… we usually fear for the worst. Ashley and I were pretty sure our options would be limited to the “family-friendly” chains of strip-mall America on this day… boy were we wrong.

Writing this now, I have since had another trip to Medford with even more amazing food (but that’s for a later episode).

We checked in, got prepped for dinner – and headed out to 38 Central; a place that sounded quite promising by all the sources we’d been checking in to. We had a very odd cab drive come by in a car that was a little too nice to be considered a cab. It was one of those… almost-Bentley-looking things. He told stories of how he used to work with this band, that band, etc. Always fun… Continue reading