Back in 2010, I lived across the hall from Jon Paul Douglass (, the man behind the visual conceptualization of In Waves. JPD and I got together daily for the month of May that year to experiment very early on to test out some In Waves ideas. JP and I worked for well over a year before the visual-process officially even began for the lastest Trivium record. 

Here is some of the fun we had on a site called Moustache May:

In Waves’ Beginnings and the Tampa Food-Tour (featuring Jon Paul Douglass and his photography)

Tampa, Florida

Jon Paul Douglass is the man responsible for the gorgeous artwork on Trivium’s In Waves. A while back, Trivium had a huge chunk of time home and I had just moved into the same building as JP – at that time, we’d go be gym-rats together, talking films, art, video games, and some of the draft ideas I had flowing for “the next Trivium album.” We’d review some of my lyrical ideas, song titles, and themes on the cardio machines… head back to my place and play Call Of Duty Nazi Zombies for hours… eat dinner prepared by my wife or his girlfriend… then by night (when the girls had girls’ nights) we’d watch films by directors like Lynch, Von Trier, Nolan, and other legends. JP’s the one who introduced me to all those directors. There may have been a vaporizer present at times… Continue reading