Corey. Eat. Fries. (movie)

Pints Of Guinness Makes You Strong

Charlotte, NC

There’s no question that seeing Trivium in the midst of a touring bill that reads acts like The Amity Affliction, Upon A Burning Body, I See Stars, Motionless In White and Asking Alexandria may be just a little bit puzzling to those familiar with our usual touring-mates. Well – we’ve stated both musically and verbally that this is a whole new year for Trivium. 

Already this year in the USA alone, we’ve toured with Dream Theater, In Flames, (out with) Asking Alexandria and (will be out with) Five Finger Death Punch. I dare you to find another band who can successfully pull off all four of those different tours in a year. You’d be hard pressed to.  Continue reading



Chicago will forever hold a special place in my heart. Around the age of 5-7 (or so, my memory is bad for all things – that’s why I am so happy this blog helps kickstart my premature-Alzheimer-esque memory into shape) my family and I lived in Arlington Heights, Illinois – we’d occasionally do a trek into downtown Chicago here or there.

I remember a massive Asian supermarket my family would always travel to (my mom being Japanese – she was always really into the place – my dad… he’s not quite into Asian food – but ever the good sport, he’d tag along) – the place was called Yaohan (I think…). They had little kiosks everywhere that would serve regional little Asian street-food dishes from all around Asia; they had all those odd vegetables you simply can’t find anywhere outside of an Asian mega-mart; there were Japanese toy and comic shops… sweet shops… I always remembered a smell of fresh water fish lingering back in the palette, lightly masked by the smell of grilled dough for Okonomi-yaki. 

I’d always grab a bite with the folks, have them take me to see the Gundam or Power Rangers on display… beg for a new toy or sweet… then we’d wrap up grocery-shopping and head home. Continue reading


Austin, Tx


The last time Trivium played SXSW was 2005 on the Road Rage Tour at what is now the “new” Emo’s. I vaguely remember the performance, but it was alongside Still Remains, The Agony Scene and Three Inches Of Blood. Although having only played once on SXSW, I am very much so aware that it is basically where all the music world of the US (and the rest of the globe) combine onto the streets of Austin for several days of music, food, booze and schmooze. 

Initially, we heard we were due to play a metal showcase – then only weeks before, it was swapped to being invited to play Waterloo Records’ showcase show and 5B Management’s showcase at the “old” Emo’s (now JR). Waterloo Records is one of the last strongholds in the USA for real record shops (selling vinyl, CD, DVD, band merch) – it’s not unlike Amoeba Records in LA… picture a small Empire Records without Liv Tyler and the chick who shaves her head.  Continue reading



My hard on for good New American is an obvious dead giveaway – when in North America – I always want the best of the New American-cuisine. 

I think it’s because of the whole package… you know what you’re supposed to be getting in to. Familiar dishes, with a gourmand-twist… the use of local, seasonal, real ingredients; typically (hopefully) sleek modernity paired with a rustic-comfort and sensibility in the decor and presentation of menus, fonts, and interior. Unpretentious is a must at these places. I am not into the snotty high-end ultra-lounge-looking “New American” places that give New American a bad name. 

These places usually have simple names too… and it’s usually the initial cat call that sends me checking out the restaurants reviews like I’m checkin’ out a chick. I made a funny observation today (in Sydney, Australia on Sound Wave Festival) to my guys… I caught myself cruising a restaurant like I was about to pick it up. So yeah… I have a food problem. Continue reading


Ask me about Meat And Bread – and you’ll see me light right the hell up. Meat And Bread has (from first glance even) become one of my favorite sandwich joints in North America. 

We were on the Dream Theater support tour, Ashley was wrapping up work at Starbucks (for the free internet), I was in the bus parked off site (there wasn’t room for our bus until a certain time) when she What’s App’d me about a place that looked right up my alley. A short walk from the Symphony Hall (or whatever it was) we were playing – and there it was: Meat And Bread.  Continue reading


No offense to the residents of cities like Medford, but typically when a semi-world-travelled-band-dude hears that our “halfway point” for our day off/travel day is Medford – we don’t know what to except… we usually fear for the worst. Ashley and I were pretty sure our options would be limited to the “family-friendly” chains of strip-mall America on this day… boy were we wrong.

Writing this now, I have since had another trip to Medford with even more amazing food (but that’s for a later episode).

We checked in, got prepped for dinner – and headed out to 38 Central; a place that sounded quite promising by all the sources we’d been checking in to. We had a very odd cab drive come by in a car that was a little too nice to be considered a cab. It was one of those… almost-Bentley-looking things. He told stories of how he used to work with this band, that band, etc. Always fun… Continue reading

San Francisco

The tour with Dream Theater was very much so something we in Trivium had been looking forward to for years – we’re very happy to know we’re the sort of band who can tour with bands like Dream Theater at one end, Asking Alexandria at the other… then even bands like In Flames and Five Finger Death Punch. If you ask me – that says versatility, baby.

The Warfield is a cool venue for concert-goers (as all the “legendary” venues are), but as all “legendary” venues are for the bands – they’re usually a large dump (if you will). The area ain’t the safest of locations either.  Continue reading

Gluttony In Seattle part V

After our bountiful feast of what had to have been more than 15 or so different things, it was time to head to Sambar, all our Seattle-friends’ favorite cocktail bar in the States. We were told that this place was unlike any cocktail bar we would have been to. 

We made our way to a tiny bar, tucked away in a neighborhood, adjoined to a fancy French place. Everyone was stoked to bring us here – apparently the bartender here goes beyond mixologist, he’s sort of a doctor of cocktails. You tell him what liquor you like… or even what mood you’re in…and he knows what kind of drink you need. Continue reading