In The Nightside Eclipse

Notodden, Norway

Black Metal has always been a genre of music I have been passionately in love with. The mysticism that are the legends that surround the genre, the musicians, the bands, and even the country where the style has found it’s home are something of mystery to any of those not directly involved with Black Metal. Even those not into the genre (either from not “getting it” or not liking it) are in some way at least up-to-date with the goings-on of Black Metal (but usually with the less education in the genre of someone – the further the misunderstanding). Sonically – it is without a doubt one of the most extreme forms of music; musically – all the members in the bands were well-versed in the instruments they play, having a solid understanding of exactly how to control the chaos that they would create. It is hard to pinpoint exactly the culmination of musical styles that the original “founders” of black metal were listening to, but one can detect the influence of early NWOBHM, Norwegian Folk, Classical Music, and some of the pre-first wave black metal bands like Bathory; it’s hard to know who was listening to what at the time of the genres true inception. Continue reading