My hard on for good New American is an obvious dead giveaway – when in North America – I always want the best of the New American-cuisine. 

I think it’s because of the whole package… you know what you’re supposed to be getting in to. Familiar dishes, with a gourmand-twist… the use of local, seasonal, real ingredients; typically (hopefully) sleek modernity paired with a rustic-comfort and sensibility in the decor and presentation of menus, fonts, and interior. Unpretentious is a must at these places. I am not into the snotty high-end ultra-lounge-looking “New American” places that give New American a bad name. 

These places usually have simple names too… and it’s usually the initial cat call that sends me checking out the restaurants reviews like I’m checkin’ out a chick. I made a funny observation today (in Sydney, Australia on Sound Wave Festival) to my guys… I caught myself cruising a restaurant like I was about to pick it up. So yeah… I have a food problem. Continue reading