Revolver Golden Gods Weekend (part II)

Flynn and Heafy at Grammy Museum, “review” the “genres”

Flynn and Heafy at Grammy Museum Video 2

Revolver Golden Gods Weekend (part II)

Los Angeles

(w/ Robb Flynn, Corey Taylor, Trivium, Slipknot, Machine Head, Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandira), John Moyer (Adrenaline Mob/ Disturbed), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Lizzie Hale (Halestorm), and everyone from the Metal and Rock universe)

The next morning, Ashley and I met up with Corey and Stephanie Taylor to head over to the the venue for a soundcheck. What’s insane about my life (well – another one of the many insane things) is that I can even write that. Yeah – I was heading over to the Nokia Theater to rehearse a Metallica song with the singer of Slipknot/Stonesour and the singer/guitarist of Machine Head. Not many food-nerd/comic book kids/video game geeks/band-dudes can say that.

2 thoughts on “Revolver Golden Gods Weekend (part II)

  1. Awesome Matt, I clearly see that exhibition was pretty wrong and had a lack of information. I want to watch your metal lessons, and I want to see some cool bands. I listened the other day to Anorexa Nervosa and Mork Gryning because of one of your tweets, and man they are pretty awesome! I didn’t know about those bands, see if you can recommend some other black metal bands. And why not… put more black metal influences into Trivium ;)

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