New Orleans, Louisiana 

It was on the In Flames, Trivium, Veil Of Maya, Kyng North American tour, where we had aday off in New Orleans. I’ve never had a proper food experience in NOLA, so it was time we straightened that out. On this tour, we had quite the all-star line-up as far as food-friends go for me: Joey B (Trivium’s tour manager), Rob Suchan (now ex-Trivium merch) and Paolo. Amazingly, pretty much most of our band and crew wanted to hang and chow during the day, so we all headed out to our first spot, Cochon Butcher. 

Cochon I believe has two restaurants: a sit-down, and a sandwich spot (sort of a deli); we wanted to hit Butcher so we could eat and drink, then repeat throughout the day in multiple locations. Everyone grabbed beers and placed their orders. The place is a very cool, contemporary take on the deli; you can see the meats curing, a chalkboard displays all their specials and regulars; sleekly modernized little renovated old-place (I assume for the last part). 

I was stoked. Anytime I walk into a place that comes this highly recommended from my friends and Rob’s friends alike – I know I’m in for a treat. My only bummer experience was when I was asking the girl at the register what she recommended, alongside a few other questions about the place, she very shitty-ly responded “man. You ask a lot of questions don’t you?” I won’t hold it against the place, since bitchiness is typically inherent before a vocational choice.Anywho, I ordered: an LA 31 Pale Ale, the Cochon Muffaletta (house made meats, provolone, olive salad; iconically New Orleans), hot boudin with pickles and mustard. The hot boudin (white sausage) was perfectly delicious, the pickles and mustard went very well with it; the muffaletta was fantastic: salted, cured meats stacked high with cheese and olives – a real treat (I unfortunately don’t have the picture of this elusive and legendary NOLA staple). 

All of us happy and full of some fantastic food, we next hit Napolean House for their house specialty: A Pimm’s cup cocktail (a quite tasty one). We then hit Apple Barrel Bar for some Abita Ambers (New Orleans’ most well-known beer brand); then hit R Bar for some more beers; then rounding off our food and drink trip-’round-New-Orleans with beignets and cafe au laits from Cafe Du Monde. A super-touristy spot, but with a nice beignet and coffee nevertheless.

For dinner, we hit a place Rob’s friends recommended and would be meeting us at: Bacchanal, a food truck in the backyard of a bar. This setup is not unlike something you’d see in Austin, Texas; Christmas lights were the only source of lighting over-head, picnic tables and happy people eating and drinking greet you on your entry to the backyard. 

Now, locationally and population-wise, this is sort of a paradoxical universe for my band mates: it was generally mostly populated with hipster kids, and now in come four dudes who obviously look like they don’t fit in (I think I heard the vinyl of Grizzly Bear come to a screeching halt). I feel like I can fit into any environment when talking about food, but I could see steam rising off of Corey and Nick’s heads. 

I went for White Bordeaux, a frisee’ salad, polenta, steak, then a Saint Arnold Stout. The food orders are all taken at the truck, tucked in a far part of the backyard. Once you order, the chef brings you your plate at your table. The food here was unstoppable: as great as anything you’d expect in a sit-down restaurant; the dishes humbly served on paper plates. This place makes you think of being at a friends’ backyard cookout. 

So we had Rob, his pals, my band mates and myself. One of the female dinner guests we had was oddly rude to Paolo (a snide remark about polenta or something), then later on with Rob (I think when they left the restaurant it involved Rob getting out of the car in traffic or something). Maybe the ladies are just extremely passionate about their food in this town? Who knows.

From here, the Trivium’s parted ways with our other guests and headed to Musical Legends to meet the In Flames band and crew for a couple drinks, then we all eventually headed off to Erin Rose for way-too-many Abitas. It’s always a treat to be reunited with our extended family, the In Flames band and crew. 

New Orleans did us right this time around. 

7 thoughts on “NOLA

  1. Great to read from you again ! New Orleans is one of my dream places, I’d love to get there, I hope soon.
    I assume you must have tried it already in one of your food adventures, but if you like white Bordeaux, have you tasted yet white wines from Alsace – east of France ? Such as Riesling, Sylvaner or Gewurtz … do you like it ?

  2. Matt, if you can get your hands on some Abita Double Dog or Abita Strawator I highly recommend them.

    Neither one is easy to find, even as a New Orleans local. However, as good as Abita Amber is, it gets blown out of the water by those two. A much more accessible beer, Abita Purple Haze, is delicious and unique as well.

    Jax Brewer and Cooter Browns are both great places to eat and drink. Cooter Browns has a ridiculous list of beers from all over the world.

    Anyways, good luck on tour. I’ll be at the New Orleans show. Hopefully ya’ll will be able to try some more New Orleans food and beer when ya’ll play here.

  3. New Orleans is one of my dream places, I will go there soon, hopefully ! I assume that you must have tasted it already in one of your food adventures, but if you like White Bordeaux, do you like white wines from Alsace-East of France ? Like Riesling, Gewurtz, Pinot blanc d’Alsace,… if you hadn’t yet, you should :)

  4. Hey!
    Sorry to post this here on tumblr, but its the only way i could reach you.

    I saw your recent video regarding the state of metal 2013.
    When you described the bands you were missing, the young guys not copying a copycat and all that.. I just thougt of this Norwegian band from my hometown that really have something good going! I know they’re finishing up the album right now, and I think this is a band people are going to notice in the future. From a metalhead to another, you should really check it out!

    Rock on!

  5. Hey Matt,
    ‘Twas the year 2009…Mayhem Festival. I was but a 14 year old boy at your signing booth in Mountain View.
    First in line. You were the first to show. We conversed about food and music until the other guys showed up. You had mentioned that if I sent you a link to my band’s myspace, you would listen.
    Four years later, I see your interview talking about how you want to see younger kids still taking influence from the more “true” metal bands. Four years later, my band is still grinding and cutting teeth.

    I feel like you would enjoy the contemporary, but old school vibes and shreddery.
    If you have a moment, we’re only a clink away.

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