My black metal band from when I was 16/17. I played rhythm and lead guitars, back up vocals.


10 thoughts on “MINDSCAR

  1. The Bleeding with Avelino Maltos lead guitarist, Jacob Galeener drummer, bass Zach Silvas, me as attempted vocals & rhythm guitar.

  2. You were 18 or 19 when you wrote that black metal song with and Dani Filth for the Roadrunner United album weren’t you?

  3. Damn that intro was awesome, pretty cool to go back in time and see how different things were then they are now…glad you posted it

  4. Hi!!! I love your group, it’s my favourite, I’ll see you on Hellfest this year!
    Coul you play This world can’t tear us apart? It’s an awasome song, and I really love it, and would be an honor to listen live. Thank you ♥

  5. Matt with long hair! Haha I remember when I first saw u guys at the glasshouse ur hair was so long! Yelling or singing I love your voice.

  6. I ******* loved it! You are simply awesome Matt. Btw what happened to Populous Inferno? I’d love to hear some more black metal from you, or even death metal from Capharnaum.

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