Like Light To The Flies (in Simlish)

Like Light To The Flies (Simlish)

This is a super fun version of “Like Light To The Flies” by Trivium. It was completely recorded in the language of The Sims for Sims 2. I don’t think enough people know about this gem.

41 thoughts on “Like Light To The Flies (in Simlish)

  1. this is absolutely a great one,me and my bandmates had a lot fun by changing the lyrics to this one when we were covering this song.. i always wonder how it feels like when you’re recording in simlish lol

  2. Yes!! I own The Sims 2, used to play it all the time & everytime I play it, I never fail to have my Sim switch on the stereo to this song! Was so stoked to find Trivium in The Sims.

  3. i always listened to this song on the sims. i still do! i was wondering when you were going to post it! theres an actual “simlish??”

  4. haha “sipping out the stupid nema, libing out the knees” I don’t know how I ever managed to miss this on the sims? probably because I just had trivium rocking out in the background anyway!

  5. Like Light To The Flies my favorite song and This is an Awesome piece done very interesting!!! I enjoyed it:)

  6. i nearly fell from chair when i suddenly heard this ^^ As I put LLTF on my playlist then (the original) my cousin was like “Whoa, how did you do that? You a wizard or something?” :D really great ;-]

    The Raika

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