My name is Matthew Kiichi Heafy.

I create and perform music, eat (a lot) and drink (a bit), attempt to create visual art by means of photography, and try to coherently and accurately recite tales of my constant-state-of-motion, traveling around the globe by means of writing. 

The priorities of my life are family, friends, food (and good booze that goes with that food), and music (yes – a distant third even for a professional musician). 

It was family and friends that pushed me to take my passion for food (and incessant talking about food) to the next level by documenting some of the great things I get to consume on my many trips around the world. When that documentation starting creating something of a following – it soon became time to take that to the next level.

Kiichi Chaos is the amalgamation of the many ideas I have ceaselessly swimming around in my head. A one-stop-shop (if you will) that will be home to food/drink/travel/general-rambling writing, photography, music-blogging (something that I am pretty sure doesn’t exist yet, but will be the same idea as food/photo-blogging, only with original music that lives on it’s own – separate from any musical “project”), scoring, and basically a platform that combines all avenues of social networking that is “me” on one-neatly collected (fabulously, minimally designed) website.

By day – I hunt (with thick-spectacles) for the best, local, indigenous things to eat no matter where I am in the world; by night (6-8-10 months out of the year) – I perform music with some of the greatest people I could ever imagine sharing a stage with, partying with some of the most devout, loyal friends and fans I could ever ask for around the world – in the internationally-succesful band, Trivium. 

When I’m not out and about, eating and drinking all the resources a town or country has to offer, I am at home with my wife Ashley and my dog Miyuki-chan – cooking and making drinks and sweets and having fun with family and friends. When we cook at home – it’s all about learning to make the fundamentals of everything… I’ve only recently gotten into cooking, but I want to venture into making everything: sausages and charcuteries, to beers and classic cocktails, to breads and pickles and stocks and demi glace and really whatever else sounds really difficult and fun. 

I’m constantly trying to capture a moment-in-time of where I am and how I am feeling with the non-food-based photography; music and songs and ideas for musical projects and non-projects are on draught with me; and writing is quickly becoming a passion for me (although my writing skills are purely at a conversational-level… at best – but heck – still fun). 

So I hope this home-base for most things me is something entertaining at the least for everyone. I truly enjoy being able to jot down these ever-flowing ideas and experiences for others to enjoy with me. 


– Kiichi.

39 thoughts on “Konnichiwa!

  1. Matt, this is so cool, and such a great idea. I really like how you did this, lookin forward to more. And as usual with my comments, Thanks For all the incredible music.

  2. The idea of a new website where you can “collect” your passions is great!
    I love the way you organised it: Taste – See – Hear – Touch – Smell, so you can involve our 5 senses :)

  3. It’s good to read you here too! It seems that I’m the first leaving you a comment ^^.
    I need to contact you… it’s for something. I’ve been looking for a contact email in all your social networks for months but I couldn’t find it :(. Would you be so kind to give me a contact mail so I can write you? It’s not about a fanmail or something! I know it sounds weird but…
    You got my email here anyway, right? Greetings from Spain (and sorry for my english). I love your tumblr, facebook and now this one ^^

  4. It’s really cool this new project you have Matt! I follow you on Twitter, and I read “matthewkiichiheafy.tumblr.com” alot, because, just like you, I enjoy discovering and tasting each country’s gastronomy; and on that matter, let me give you an advice, you should taste LA PAELLA VALENCIANA (from Valencia-Spain), I think you will really enjoy it!!
    And, about your music, what can I say?? THANK YOU for making music, and inspiring me to do the same!!
    I hope this comment wasn’t an inconvenience, and I apologize for my bad english.
    Take care, and I hope to see you and Trivium soon, in Spain!!

  5. Hey Matt,
    The new style rocks. I follow you for few times, and the evolution is really cool.
    Let me know when you’ll be in Montréal, if you want hang out.
    It’s cool to read what you did and follow you on tour.


  6. Hey Matt,

    Totally diggin the kiichichaos thing….Lookin forward to reading some the thoughts of one of my favorite musicians!!

  7. I love this. You’re such an interesting, talented, and diverse man. You’re my biggest inspiration in my music and writing. Can’t wait to see what you make of this. :)

  8. This is awesome! It’s nice to have everything in one place. And I’d also like to thank you! You are one of the biggest inspirations in my artwork! You helped me realize that I don’t need to be so literal and it’s ok to leave things a mystery and allow the viewer create their own personal concepts from my work rather than trying to shove an idea down throats. You have influenced my work in various ways, but this was the most dramatic. So. Again. Thank you so much!

  9. Hi Matt! i’m a food-lover just like you..and Trivium lover as well so what a perfect fusion! Your blog is so interesting, thank you to share your experience with us.
    I can feel your soul while i read your posts( i can almost listen to your voice) and while i see your pictures. And this is a big gift that you do to your fans. It sounds quite ordinary but that’s what i really think :)

    Kisses from Italy
    (You should definitely come here and try Sicilian food :) )

    • that’s amazing! it is my goal for my voice to be more of my writing style.

      i feel that since i’m not overly vocabularious (not a word, i know) that i need to have my own “genre”. you saying that you hear my voice in my writing is exactly what i want to hear!

  10. It’s great to see you exploring your artistic side and showing a little bit more of who you are. It’s inspirational. Actually, you gave me a boost to start yoga and to try new gourmets, besides the impacts that Trivium’s work has in my style of creating music. Please, count me as one true admirer. I’ll keep looking your website, hope to see more coming!

  11. Its still strange to read your posts and see your pica of the dinners you make and your beautiful wife and your sheer passions for food. I say its strange because I look at you and your wife and see me and my gf of 3 years. its odd that before we even started following your blogs and Facebook we dreamt of a comfy house and a huge kitchen and to cook amazing food with amazing cheese and wine and entertain friends and family and share the wonderful food. I guess what I am trying to say is that its nice to be able to constantly see the images of what me and Hannah have always dreamt of (the only differences are that Im not the on mu guitar. and Hannah is the artist/photograpger)

    • damn phone hit send!!!! lol I wasn’t done phone!! . anyways. I’ve always looked at these A list guitarists and wanted to Talk to them and meet Wm but then I saw some interviews and lost interest but me and my lovely gf Hannah have always wished to one day meet you and your wife. your one of only a handful of artists I’d l

  12. Very interesting, I love what you’re doing here, the experience you share with us simply teaches me alot. Definitely will be waiting for more.


    P.s thanks for teaching me how to play the guitar, the ways I can be artistic and creative both musically and vocabulary wise (hehe).

  13. I think I just fell even more in love. Your wife is so lucky! lol. I love this! Thank you for sharing this with us, along with your amazing music!

  14. Great Idea Matt! I love hearing about things behind the scenes of an amazing rock star such as you! just the general everyday interests and aspects of life. cant wait until you tour in England again! keep it up mate!

  15. Matt,
    You are one unique person. Your music has inspired me more than any other band since I’ve been listening for the past five years. It’s dynamic, real, and beautiful. If it weren’t for Trivium, and metal music in general, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’ve spent loads of dough in the past few years just to see you guys perform, and it has all been money well spent.
    Recently, I seen you guys perform at Buster’s in Lexington, KY. And it was here I had the chance to meet you all through Trivium World and I even hung out after the show to meet you all again, even though I live 2 hours away from the venue and had to be at class at 8 AM the next day. And for some reason, I felt like a jackass because I wasn’t sure what to say to you. You all aren’t Dethklok, haha. You actually give time to hang out with your fans.
    It was when I finally was able to shake your hand and ask the question, ‘would you be interested in writing music for my film idea?’ Which came out awkwardly, uh I’m going to school for Film making, derp derp derp. What I’m getting at is, this idea has been burning in my brain for the past half a year now, and when I listened to In Waves, I was like holy shit, if I could make a movie that was very music oriented, who would be the best person to make that music? And then I went back and pondered on every Trivium album, listening to how well structured each song is and how I think a lot of your music gives me the feel of being inside a movie, with all this awesome, wild shit going on.
    If you could get back to me, whether twitter, facebook, whatever, I’d like to send you the rough idea I have thus far, because I’m just now starting this film making career I want to ensue this fall semester, so it will be a couple years before I start actually working on it, because I have to take all these classes on operating a camera, yadda-yadda, the one class I’m really looking forward to is screenwriting, because I’ll get an entire semester to work out this idea and make it as best as it can be.
    Thanks for being you and inspiring not only me but many, and I can’t wait to see you all destroy Trespass America later this summer.

  16. Hey Matt, where did you get your military style boots and awesome shirt that you wear in most of the latest music videos from In Waves??? absolutely love them and really want to get some! :) cheers

  17. Hi Matt,
    first of all, thanks für sharing your experiences with your fans, this is really fantastic!
    But primarily I want to thank you for your music, it has helped me so much when I had to go through very difficult and tough times and I hope you will continue making great music that helpes and inspires so many people besides me.
    Again. Thank you very much!
    Greetings from Germany :)

  18. Honestly, you are one of my biggest inspirations of what a true artist is – someone who is passionate about life itself and goes out to seek its beauties. I’m a food lover as well, although since I’m poor and vegan, I must live a lot of my culinary adventures vicariously through other people. Thanks for the wonderful posts and I’ll definitely be waiting to see more.


  19. Hi Matt! :)

    I just wanna say that your blog is absolutely amazing.
    Love the way u done it ;D
    And i also wanna say that u truly are one of the GREATEST guitarists around right now.
    You’ve been a big inspiration for me for a long time and i hope someday i’ll be just like u :)
    Thanks for composing this wonderful music together with the rest of Trivium and i hope to see you guys at Graspop next year \m/
    Rock On!!! \m/


  20. Matt,
    You are the most influential and inspirational impact that has ever been in my life. I just want to thank you. It is because of you, along with the others in Trivium, that I have decided to venture on into the world of music. You taught me to never give up, to pursue what I believe in, and not to settle for anything less than a desirable outcome. In a way, you have shaped my life. I have never viewed music the same since I had discovered you. I learned from you to never give up on music. It is because of you that music will always be a part of my life.
    Thank you.

  21. Matt!! you are the best in the world!! and sure enough, I go to Florida just to shake his hand!! you are the man!! Thank you for turning my life;) you dispertou big dreams for me and showed the power that music has and the horizons it opens up! Thank you for being what you are: a great inspiration in my life! Very good luck with the excellent work! and please do not die until I can meet you ok? hihihihihihi (I’m sorry I talk weird, I have only two English lessons so far ….. (Google translator) heheheh hope you understood at least :))

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