Kiichi Currywurst (discussing: meat, politics, new Trivium album, Mitch Lucker, and more)

Me chowing down on the old drunk-mop German-specialty: Currywurst! (Whilst discussing : food, politics, Mitch Lucker, meat, thew next Trivium record, and more)


11 thoughts on “Kiichi Currywurst (discussing: meat, politics, new Trivium album, Mitch Lucker, and more)

  1. Nice interview, Matt. I just have a few things to say.

    1. R.I.P. Mitch Lucker. You will be dearly missed.

    2. I know some people that hate The Crusade, Shogun, and In Waves. Some people were disappointed in In Waves, but I’m not. I love all of the albums, man. You guys will be my favorite band until the day I die. I love you guys THAT much. You inspire me, too, Matt. You are a great guy. I don’t know why people hate you and your band, but they do. :/

    Anyways, that’s all I had to say. Hope everything goes well with the new record and can’t wait until it’s released so I can buy it! :)

    Have a good day, man. :)

  2. I do not know why you are saying people were disappointed in In Waves, and other albums. For me they get better every album, and if just because there are some haters you think every one does hate them, you are wrong there are thousand of fans of Trivium. and there is people who met them with In Waves and they fell in love with that Album just like me.

  3. I love how you talk about Brasil in every interview related with food. I hope that makes Trivium come back. I went to the Sao Paulo concert and you guys totally blew my mind, best performance I’ve ever seen!

  4. I dunno Matt. I think alot of people were really disappointed with In Waves(contrary to what you stated in the interview) Sure, I can say that it was a pretty good record. However I found it so weak, and often times corny compared to your previous work. It just seemed like something was missing. I got this feeling as well with The Crusade. What is strange is from those two albums, is I only liked a single song of of both.

    Your other albums I could listen to from the first track to the last, and that spark that only your band could create was there in full force. The Crusade kinda seemed like you guys were losing your way, or didn’t care as much…or something. In Waves felt like you were really trying to attract the attention of the people that didn’t “get” your music before. The end result of both albums is that the music failed to be interesting. That is what makes your music so damned great, is that it is genuinely interesting. Whether it is heavy, or not so heavy…it really needs to make me say “Wow, this is so god damned inteteresting!” Heh.

    Specifics for dislikes of In Waves:

    1) Most tracks did not feature your signature screaming with melodic clean vocal chorus. The tracks where you growled or screamed non stop really grew tiresome without a decent hook.
    2) Some tracks came off as cheesy if they did not have some growling vocals to give them much needed energy. Specifically “Watch the World Burn” and “A Grey So Dark”. I wish I didn’t hate these songs, because I love your band and most of your music, but Jesus I hate them with a passion.
    3) Some songs seemed to blend together too much. Not a band thing for an amazing album like Shogun, but for In Waves where I did not care for most of it anyway it just wasn’t a good thing.
    4) Finally, your music was always about epic-ness. You had songs that were pretty much 2 or 3 songs in 1. Songs like Gunshot to the Head, Kirisute Gomen, even Ember to Inferno. They felt like these epic(almost theatrical) musical tales that took me on a journey as I listened to them. There is really nothing like them on In Waves.

    Shogun to me is still your best album. I can’t even describe how awesome I think it is in words. I want to listen to it right now. I just really hope you guys try to recapture whatever it was that you lost in your sound for your next record. I really don;t want to be disappointed again and toss you in the pile with All That Remains, Slipknot, Metallica, and pretty much every other band in history that traded in a style that captivated an audience with interesting genuine music for mass appeal. It is always the beginning of the end for these bands.

    Well…I typed out way too much for something that will probably never be read by the band, but I feel good about it!

    • Jason,

      Thanks for being in-depth with your reasonings for not being into In Waves; I definitely appreciate you being able to be constructive with reasoning and not getting belligerent about it.

      If I am to step back and be constructive – Trivium has obviously become bigger than something that can please every faction of person who is able to appreciate it. For me, when we made In Waves, we made exactly what we wanted to hear – not thinking at all: “is this kind of person gonna like it? or this kind?” With The Crusade, we were in the midst of a potential breakup and breakdown. So yeah – for me, I think of the memories associated with that time period. The band from this point on… I fear can never truly please EVERY single person who is a fan of a specific era of the band. I can at least assure you, that we’re where we were mentally when we started the band… we make what we want regardless of what anyone else may demand – whether that be naysayer, label, fan, ex-fan, hater, etc… we have reverted back to the basics of creating what WE feel Trivium needs/wants to sound like.

      I am happy you love Shogun… we will always play Shogun material; Shogun is a big part of what we are – but in contrast… so is every album. There are parts of The Crusade and of Shogun and of In Waves that for me don’t ENTIRELY go with the rest of the album… but there are people – fans of those specific albums – that would entirely disagree with me due to their passionate love and support of that album.

      Thank you for your post – it is the kind I hope for with this website.

      Take care,

      • I would agree with jason and say that in waves didnt blow me away in terms of how the other albums did but that didnt make it a bad album.
        I feel that the album was a different approach to a metal album for sure, i love the elements that where in the album such as a middle track which is un heard of, But to me there was a tone or atmosphere which was created on the in waves album which i never felt from the other album. The songs where alot more simple than the crusade and shogun, the songs where far more catchy which made me come back to album far more becuase the songs where stuck in my head. I like to think of In waves to be trivium’s black album so to speak.
        I am happy to hear that you are making albums you wanna hear and not what the label or what other people want you to make, i think that is what most bands tend not to do and they have a sucsessful album and they try to replicate it but they cant becuase they arent writing for an artistic purpose but more for financal gain.
        So I am looking forward to release of the next trivium record.
        Thanks to any one who takes time to read this.

        • Personally, In Waves is my favourite album because i really think that you guys found your real identity with this album. I explain myself : in the previous albums, we could easily hear your music influences (like Metallica, Machine Head, In Flames & a bit of Iron Maiden imo), we could hear that in your voice, the guitars, the atmosphere of the songs BUT you added something more these successful bands don’t have very often : musical intelligence (don’t know if it’s the right words) ! Not every new bands have the imagination that you have, musically, to create something different everytime. And, for me, In Waves is Trivium ! You guys found your OWN sound, your identity as a band :
          – you improved so well through the years as a singer it’s undeniable, that’s Matthew Heafy who sings now and not a bit of a copy of James Hetfield, you’re more comfortable with your voice, in In Waves you did amazing vocals i’m sure you didn’t think you’d be able to do before !
          – musically, you guys learned that we don’t have to do too much to be efficient and sound super duper good cos as i said, you have that musical intelligence of the melodies, the chords and stuff and you created an album who sounds just like Trivium and no other bands !
          – not every bands have the ability of create those amazing videos you did for In Waves with a real atmosphere !
          So, thank you so much for a so great album !

          • Some would argue that now instead of sounding like the 4 bands you mentioned, they now sound like 4 new bands. I heard Bullet for My Valentine mentioned a few times.

            No matter what, they are going to be borrowing ideas from other bands. They all do. For people to call In Waves “their own sound” is a bit of an insult to the bands they draw influence from.

            However contrary that statement, for people to say that Matt’s voice was too much like Hetfield seems asinine to me. In my opinion, Trivium has always had their own sound despite being able to dissect the music and pick apart sections that sound like other bands music. I absolutely hate when people say “Oh Trivium is just ripping off Metallica”. If you have any passion for Trivium’s music at all, it is a statement that cannot be made. Metallica was always about straight forward Thrash metal until they decided they were bored with it. Trivium has blended many elements of metal, from thrash to progressive. It makes for much more interesting music.

            That is part of the reason In waves did not appeal to me. The tracks were more straight forward, and pop-metal sounding. The few exceptions were the 3 all-screaming tracks, that without some clean vocal choruses felt like they lacked a “hook”.

            Trivium to me has always been about balancing that aggression with melody. My friends that I got listening to the band agreed that they would be listening to a track that started off with alot of growls, and just as they were growing tired of it, the song would give way to clean melodic vocals that really helped tie each song together. Surprisingly enough, there haven’t been many bands that I can recall that do this successfully, and none of them as well as Trivium.

            With the 3 albums of theirs that I love, they cannot be replaced. No band does it like they do. Therefore they really have had their own sound all this time. The exception for me would be In Waves. That album feels more like a record that tries to be like everyone else. Many of the tracks wouldn’t be out of place on the radio along side the other uninteresting mess that people with low standards in music seem to flock to these days.

            I mean look at all the people that listen to that auto-tuned hip-hop garbage where talentless dumbasses fake sing to a beat they more than likely didn’t even create. Oh how I miss the days where musicians where applauded for their musical talent…on television no less!

  5. Matt,
    I myself am a musician, I am currently in college and have been wondering for a long time about letting music just come to me and not think about what it should sound like. It seems to me however that when telling a story using an “Idee Fixee” or some kind of a thematic element, I fall short not because of the lack of will but because of the spontaneity of the musical moment. A motif will enter my head and I will begin building a song using lyrics based off of the idea that go with a selected harmonic progression. When I’ve done all of this all I really need is the melody and its supporting elements but in this lies the problem and my ultimatum of this exposition.
    When creating the riffs, melodic lines, etc.. to fit a specific theme it seems to wind up sacrificing spontaneity and to a certain extent forcing parts out. In your experience does it take away from the music to make parts fit into a larger whole? As an example I give you two songs you created “Kirisute Gomen” and “Shogun”. They both have obvious and massive themes that invoke images of the grandeur of the Tokugawa Shogunate’s ethos (at least for me). The songs themes go together so well that to an extent I believe that the intervals chosen for “Kirisute Gomen’s” opening lines match that of Shoguns chorus harmonies for a reason (to keep a fixed idea). They are both part of a theme, and it crosses between those songs well. However other songs from a different time in your song writing career such as “Anthem we are the Fire” seemed to have a loose theme and they feel more spontaneous.
    So here it is the ultimate (and summed up) question (ha-ha). Were there any riffs in those songs that you feel were forced out to keep the theme going? If yes do you feel it stifles spontaneous creativity when you do this and in the end what do you believe is worth more? getting a message across with the melodic theme or making it Impressionistic and spontaneous?
    I am a genuine fan of your music and your albums and am very curious to hear if you fall more on the side of spontaneous music (music for musics sake), or on the side of image sparking thematic music that has a story to tell or if I am imagining all of this and there is no boundary between spontaneity and fixed ideas and they can be bridged perfectly.
    Thanks, Matt

  6. I want to say that I totally appreciate the response! It is more than an honor. I really hoped I did not come off too dickish. I have a tendency to be blunt, and am guilty of being narrow minded when it comes to my musical tastes.

    I wanted to say that I fully respect that you guys play what you want to play. If it isn’t from the heart, then it isn’t real music in my opinion. If it is 2 basic things mainly in In Waves that I didn’t care for, it is that it felt repetitive, and stripped down. It is just something I couldn’t get past. I felt like I was working to try and enjoy it, instead of being gripped by the soul and forced to love you. When I first heard Ember, I couldn’t believe you guys made that so young. Very raw and awesome. Ascendancy improved on that in every way of course. I really liked Entrance of the Conflagration, but the rest of The Crusade really didn’t hold my attention long. But damn…Shogun…you know I love that!

    I mean of course what you guys want to play isn’t always going to jive with what I love to hear, but I just want you to know that for 6 years I have listened to at least one of your tracks every day. It is like something I absolutely cannot do without. The only other bands that ever came close to that would be obviously Metallica, and Scar Symmetry with their first 3 albums. Everyone else seems to be a passing phase, and a large chunk of my life would be sad if I could not get into the newer music you guys create anymore. One amazing thing about In Waves: “Inception of the End” I shit you not, When I first downloaded that track when it was released, I excitedly put it on my phone so I could listen to it in the car on my way to work. I found it to be so amazing that it brought me to tears! Here I am, a grown man driving to his construction job…and I have tears in my eyes from your music. No other band has done that to me. That song has so much energy and is composed in such a way that I cannot go without listening to it for long. Maybe it just ruined me for the rest of the album *shrug*.

    Thank you for your time and your music!

  7. Oh, and I forgot to ask this question for you Matt, and anyone else here that would like to share.

    What is the first song that got you into metal music?

    For me, I remember it like it was yesterday. The only exposure to rock music was the 80’s glam-rock bands my mom tortured me with. One evening while decorating our christmas tree(my guess would be ’89 or ’90) Metallica’s “One” video came on Mtv. I was quite innocent being only 8 or 9 years old, and seeing the disturbing video with such powerful music changed my taste in music forever.

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