Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn flames

Me in Gothenburg, eating at In Flames’ restaurant, 2112 – with In Flames!

10 thoughts on “Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn flames

  1. I dont know . Sure it s cool for In Flame boys to run their own joint , but come on , all swedish places serve same food . They could have and should have created a more exotic , gut twisting , flame spewing meny . They did the typical swedish mistake of not standing out from everyone else . Not darring to take the leap . I would have served something from the viking era , like raw bear meat or bloody guts of an ork or smth like that . They need Gordon Ramsey fast )))

  2. Have you ever considering opening your own restaurant in the future? Or perhaps writing a book about your culinary adventures? Either would be awesome! Ha ha :)

  3. Looks awesome! Anything with duck and foie gras is to die for!! Since you guys will be in Melbourne for Soundwave, you should most definitely check out Movida, Vue De Monde, Coda for fine dining and Victoria Street in Richmond for some sick Vietnamese homefood!

  4. Hahaha, I love the title of this piece! INNNNN FLAMes… err… WAVES!!! :D
    That was a fun video too, but it made me hungry, and it’s 3:22am… :p

  5. that looks amazing! im opening my own pizza, pasta and risotto restaurant with my dad and id love to cook for you when you come back to australia at the end of the year for your headline tour (id love you to come on the soundwave tour but we wont be open until may)

  6. Hi Matt ! :)
    Just discovered your blog which is amazing i gotta say ! Sometimes blogs really feels distant or just created for being on trend but yours is really refreshing & i just love the way you write (being french i try my best to understand the difficult words but don’t worry i’m about to read it all, even it takes me months ! haha ) , i could believe you’re just in front of me talking, that’s great ! :)
    On this post, i just want to say that maybe one day, you will have your own restaurant, which could be the final step to this food journey you began, this way you could create a mix between all you already discover :)
    So, enough english writing, i hope it’s not too bad and that you succeeded in comprehending me ! ;)

    Wish you the best and keep the work going ! :)

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