I Love New York City. Oh Yeah. New York City II. I.



I am no stranger to the Ace Hotel. Having stayed here a couple of times for Roadrunner-related things and Moscot-related events, it is the hotel I usually want to be holed-up for the night. The room this time around was a wee bit smaller than last time, but it’s still a great place. The benefit to staying at the Ace is that they have really great food and drinks at every corner of the downstairs area: a wonderful sandwich to-go spot, Stump Town Roasters Coffee (for that good cup), 2 sit-down restaurants (one New American, one seafood I believe), and a bar that makes righteous cocktails. Don’t let the dressed-to-the-nines kids or the 90’s/60’s-fashion-amalgamation-adorned hipsters scare you off, they don’t bite (typically). 

Birreria is a new Italian restaurant (could it be called “New Italian”?) that resides on the rooftop of Eataly in the city. Ashley and I decided to go see what the buzz was all about. The interior is open and welcoming: natural light comes in from the windowed-ceiling, the visible beer tanks greet you on your entry, the bar is on one end of the restaurant with tables surrounding. We tried a couple samples of their pretty darn good house-made beers; I ordered the Gina, a house brewed cask ale. We also ordered a traditional American pale ale with fresh thyme from the hills of Borgorose, Italy – a twist on a classic. 

Famished, we went for: Olives, Ricotta Fresca, Asiago Fresco, and Gorgonzola Dolce to start; the mains we chose were the Biroldo (Toscana-inspired Blood Sausage with Mustard and Krauti) and a Brussel Sprout and Wild Mushroom Risotto dish; the former obviously my pick. 

The olives were meaty little footballs. If one is a fan of olives, be prepared to be in love with Birreria’s. The cheeses were all sourced from North Eastern small-farms; you can taste the time, energy and love put into these morsels of goodness. Each of the three brought such a diversity in taste and texture; the fresh honey and house-made bread elevated the flavor spectrum to whole new levels. Honey and cheese and bread are quite a trifecta of taste. 

Our mains’ were spectacular. If I recall, we both didn’t share… a rarity for sure. Blood sausage is one of those great things in life. If you’re scared and haven’t tried yet, you must try it in a reputable spot. It’s a meat-in-tube-form item of godly stature. The blood sausage here is laid on top of cabbage that has flavors reminiscent of Polish and German cuisine; the mustard again a nod to those cultures. 

Intelligently, we decided to skip desert due to the feast to come later in the day: The Breslin. 

8 thoughts on “I Love New York City. Oh Yeah. New York City II. I.

  1. WoW Looks good man. By the way, really nice to meet you back in Sweden. i was the guy who suggested the persian/iranian food to you. You should honestly try it. There is a coupple of good resturants here in Sweden you can check it out when your here. Im a food junkie aswell, Everything from sashimi to french and turkish food but honestly for me Persian food beats it all if its rightly cooked.


    There you can check some recipes. btw Matt Persian food often look like crap but the taste is 180 degrees far from that!

  2. I don’t know how good your Italian is, but… :) “dolce” means “sweet”. Here we have two kinds of Gorgonzola: “dolce” and “piccante” (“hot”).
    Also, “fresco/fresca”, speaking of cheese means “freshly made”, which is usually a good thing :)

    • Awesome! Thank you very much. My favorite recently learned word is “scarpetta” when talking about scooping up the remaining sauce with bread.

      • Heh, it’s not really a classy thing to do, but if you enjoyed your food, “scarpetta” is a must… The funny thing is, the word also means “little shoe”, and we have a joke: “Cinderella, come back, you forgot your *scarpetta*!!!” “No thanks, I’m not hungry anymore…” Yeah, we are easily amused… :P

  3. Tried Birreria last week with my girlfriend as I was there for work and she came in town to meet me for a little vacation (we’re from Toronto and we have 6 month old twins – break well deserved!). It was a great suggestion because it was super casual and the beer and wine were flowing! We had some cheese, sausages and squash spaghetti. All of it was very good and we enjoyed the atmosphere a lot. Thanks for the recommendation.

    During the week that I was there I walked up to the Upper Westside and stumbled across a great place called Jacob’s Pickles on Amsterdam. If you like pickles, this is the place. I had the cheddar pickle burger and it was unbelievable. Old cheddar and spicy pickles on a perfectly cooked burger – the bartenders kept saying I made the perfect choice and boy were they right! The beer options there were awesome and I also had an old fashioned to top it all of which was incredible.

    Missed you show a couple of weeks ago in Toronto, but please tell me you’ll be doing another show here in 2014 – I’ll be there for sure!!!

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