Friends You May Dig

I wanted to make a post that essentially thanks all the fine folks at some truly incredible companies that “back me up” so-to-speak. 

These are a couple of my friends who hook me up with the gear that I use in my attempt to conquer the world. 

Maybe you’ll see some pieces you dig yourself, hit me up with any questions about the products these companies may have.

Thank you friends.

Gibson Guitars

Epiphone Guitars

Kemper Profiling Amplifiers

Dunlop Accessories

EMG Pickups

JH Audio In-Ears

Moscot Eyewear 

Apogee Audio Interfaces 

Toontrack Recording Software

Peavey Amplifiers

Munitio Headphones


4 thoughts on “Friends You May Dig

  1. I have a few questions
    Have you played around much with the 6534 or have you stuck almost exclusively with the 6505
    I haven’t had a chance to compare the two side by side.

    and also, when recording demos for song ideas do you use built in amp modeling software, or actually mic up a cab??

    and the question I really have wondered the most is about the Kemper system you use, is each one custom built or do they come as one solid rack kit that you tweak to your preferences??

    Thank you Matt for all the inspiration,
    twitter – @farbeyonddakota

  2. Moscots are by far most important. The one can not simply be a rock star without proper shades. :D
    But seriously id be grateful if u can reply to my question. I know you guys are busy getting ready for next tour and trying to spend some quality time with family and friends. Plus this blog is not really about fans asking you stuff(Although i love food and could talk bout it for ages). But I am dying to know and I think that am speaking on behalf of loads of fans are you guys going to do another Chapman studio session for new album(or something of that sort)? Cause loads of people even if they aren’t your fans love to see you play live in studio quality. I mean you are amazing studio musicians but your live performances are just over the top. Hope you’ll see this and reply it Matt.
    Wish you all the best ! Tnx in advance :)

  3. Are you looking for any 5150’s? I work for a music store in Huntsville, TX that would love to sell you a new one that we have. Never been sold before!

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