Effilee 24

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Thanks to Trivium, I have had the privilege of being in countless magazines around the globe. Recently, I was published in the latest edition of Effilee (a fantastic German Food and Wine magazine) and I think I was more excited for this than anything in years.

Thanks to a dear friend and colleague/a&r-dude Ulf Zick (Apogee, Spotify, ex-Gibson) introducing me to Dr. Martin Tesch (from Tesch Wines in Germany (insanely delicious wine)), who connected me with Ursula Heinzelmann (http://www.ursulaheinzelmann.de/) – this was all made possible. 

I am proud to call Ursula a friend and food-soul-mate of mine, and her featuring me in Effilee was a new sort of accomplishment that I never imagined possible. Please pick up the magazine and cherish this bad boy like I do. 

3 thoughts on “Effilee 24

  1. It’s brilliant to see you getting recognised for more than Trivium and music Matt, truly an inspiration. I have been going through some hard times recently and finding it hard to motivate myself to eat properly, reading your posts on food passion and cuisine genuinely reignited my love for food (I want to be a Chef, Michelin Star style) and to drag my arse into the kitchen to make some grub! I love your philosophy on eating great food too, you really do feel so much better when you are fueling your body with good, real food rather than processed shite. Don’t worry about your writing style either, the conversational aspect is great and really feels like we are getting a glimpse of the human being that’s is MKH, rather than it coming across as some pre digested PR bullcrap.

    PS. It was Trivium that made me pick up a guitar and learn to play, you are truly an inspiration to so many! X

  2. Matt, I’m sorry I never comment if I don’t have nothing interesting to say, but I saw your twitter update a couple days ago about this guys who comitted suicide, you said that if we felt bad we shouldn’t keep that. I think you have a lot of messages everyday but I must say I don’t feel really good, I don’t know if I really have a role to play on earth, I have bad thoughts, so if you can reply I would apreciate… my email : bioman133@hotmail.com. I’m french, my english isn’t very good. I hope you’ll see this message.
    Anyway I love your band, I think you’re an incredible human being. Hope to see you soon in France =)

  3. Damn I should have studied more german in highschool ;)
    Congrats anyway for the article !
    I miss your blog updates, it’s always inspiring to read from you and see your pics… hope we’ll read/see/hear from you soon :)

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