Dawn Of A Golden Age (Black Metal track by MKH)

Dawn Of A Golden Age (click to download)

This track was written and produced by myself; it features Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth) on lead vocals, Mike Smith (Suffocation) on drums, Sean Malone (Cynic) on bass, Justin (3 Inches Of Blood) on guitar, me on guitars, Jason Suecof on piano.

I’m not sure who missed this album or this track (or the other 4 tracks I appeared on (3 I wrote, 1 I sang on that Dino (FF) wrote)), but this is certainly one of my favorites from the whole session. Black Metal has always held a very special place in my heart – and it was a terrific experience to be able to create my interpretation of the genre with some of the best musicians from the Extreme-music field.


10 thoughts on “Dawn Of A Golden Age (Black Metal track by MKH)

  1. You can never get old of this song, you should start up roadrunner united again sometime when you’re not busy perhaps for another roadrunner anniversary or something that would be sweeeeeeeeet!

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