I know it has been far too long. I know that this website that once flourished with food-porn, half-witty (badly written) observations and silly-jingles has become but a wasteland of jpegs and mp4s. My sincerest apologies for all of this.

I am re-learning how to use my computer… re-learning how to type and use Lightroom and Word Press. It’s going slowly – but it’s starting to come back to me.

I ensure all of you that stories of food and booze, lore of the bands and the people I come across in my nomadic life of splendor – will all return shortly. 

Until then, I encourage you to scour past posts on both this site and my original blog site,

Guten Apetite,


I wanted to make a post that essentially thanks all the fine folks at some truly incredible companies that “back me up” so-to-speak. 

These are a couple of my friends who hook me up with the gear that I use in my attempt to conquer the world. 

Maybe you’ll see some pieces you dig yourself, hit me up with any questions about the products these companies may have.

Thank you friends.

Gibson Guitars

Epiphone Guitars

Kemper Profiling Amplifiers

Dunlop Accessories

EMG Pickups

JH Audio In-Ears

Moscot Eyewear 

Apogee Audio Interfaces 

Toontrack Recording Software

Peavey Amplifiers

Munitio Headphones


Back in 2010, I lived across the hall from Jon Paul Douglass (, the man behind the visual conceptualization of In Waves. JPD and I got together daily for the month of May that year to experiment very early on to test out some In Waves ideas. JP and I worked for well over a year before the visual-process officially even began for the lastest Trivium record. 

Here is some of the fun we had on a site called Moustache May:

My name is Matthew Kiichi Heafy.

I create and perform music, eat (a lot) and drink (a bit), attempt to create visual art by means of photography, and try to coherently and accurately recite tales of my constant-state-of-motion, traveling around the globe by means of writing. 

The priorities of my life are family, friends, food (and good booze that goes with that food), and music (yes – a distant third even for a professional musician). 

It was family and friends that pushed me to take my passion for food (and incessant talking about food) to the next level by documenting some of the great things I get to consume on my many trips around the world. When that documentation starting creating something of a following – it soon became time to take that to the next level.

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