Castle Climb

Castle Climb

Salzburg, Austria

It was a headlining Trivium date in Salzburg, where I decided that I wanted to get out and see some sights. I awoke and headed into the venue for some really nice homemade lunch catering (a rare occurrence); I met the promoter of the show and asked what I should be doing in Salzburg (since it was my first time in the city). Mozart’s childhood home was here, as well as a castle sort of past the city – castle it would be. 

I asked my band mates who would be keen on a walk into town for a bite and some sightseeing: a couple (typical) “no” answers, and a slow-start-to-another’s-day weren’t holding me back: solo expedition it would be. I just walked towards the mountains that I saw in the distance and followed whatever road my path would take me on. I felt all Lord-Of-The-Ringsy in this old medieval looking town… there’s something extra fantastic about an old castle when you live in the States; we just don’t have castles like the one I saw peering at me from the top of the village.

It took several hours of at first – streets and roads; into back roads and tiny stair cases past little village homes; then the uphill dirt and stone trek up into the castle gates. I eventually made my way into the castle, then higher – and just enjoyed the sights and the fresh air. It was a good adventure for the day.

I met up with Paolo and one of his friends from Italy and we headed to search for food and beer. I rarely ever write about the bummer restaurants… but here was one: Sternbrau. I didn’t do my research, I didn’t ask locals, I didn’t do it right. Sternbrau was a large, touristy spot with touristy versions of local-cuisine. I had a Gasteiner and Schnitzel. Bum out. Simply put. Gone was the care and love of the Schnitzel from the night before at the grandma-style restaurant I shared with friends of Trivium… no good.

The show ended up fantastic and we felt like celebrating. Post show and shower, there were still a bunch of people from the show – so we figured we’d do it right this time. We asked our friends outside where we ought to go for a proper beer – they soon led the way. So there we were, most of our band and crew and maybe 10 or so people from the show, all on a path to Bricks for some drinks. I drank Zipfers and chatted with our new drinking partners, all getting to know each other and chatting music and each other’s lives and such. It was a great way of getting to know some new friends across the globe. 

Naturally, after a night of one-too-many-pints, it’s that mystery street-meat that one craves. Heisse Kiste seemed to be the resounding response from our local sources. Like a beacon in a storm was the little Euro-food-truck for the drunken, hungry metal-heads. Its specialty? Meat in tube form, served with a hunk of that delicious Austrian mustard, and a nice hard roll. Everyone threw back their beers and dined on their meat, all the while with Salzburg’s castle sleeping in the skyline – one eye open, jealous of our meat-feast. 

3 thoughts on “Castle Climb

  1. Read your blog quite a lot and it is always entertaining to read. It sucks to see you had such a bad experience with the food you had in the place in Salzburg. It makes me wonder if you have ever actually had any good experiences of Scottish food in Glasgow (they can be quite hard to find) we appear to be a city of people who like eating bad italian, indian and chinese food combined with a greasy chip shop. If when you are here in October you would like some ideas of places to go to eat and see then drop me an email (I think it should be viewable to you in the comment) and I could put together a list or take you round a few places.

    Keep writing!

    • Stephen, I have also been thinking about this!
      I really enjoy reading these blogs and being from Edinburgh I’ve also pondered where Matt will find amazing food like this in Scotland when Trivium come here in October, It’s not exactly what were known for it! I’m hoping to try and let him know about a restaurant where I work in Edinburgh, we have a sister restaurant in Glasgow and I’m thinking Matt could enjoy it. Its a Mongolian style restaurant and you can try exotic meats and flavours, you basically make all your own food! Although i’m sure if there is good food to be found it’s Matthew K Heafy that will find it!

      :) Tracy.

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