Check out the death metal band I was in with virtuoso songwriter/producer Jason Suecof (Audiohammer Studios), phenom-guitarist/singer from one of my favorite bands on earth – Daniel Mongrain (Martyr), quite possibly one of the best drummers I’ve ever recorded with – Jordan Suecof, and Mike Poggoine from Monstrosity (bassist of Trivium for a tour as well). 

This was recorded right around Ascendancy (I can’t remember if before or after), I was about 17/18 years old.

If you don’t own this album – you need to get it.

11 thoughts on “Capharnaum

  1. wow..u r really give me influence to play music matt..\m/ me and friend also in death metal band..but it still in progress..we are more modern death metal style..:)i hope we can be like trivium/capharnaum someday..(sorry for my horrible english):P

  2. You guys gotta make another Capharnaum album. I don’t think any song will top Fractured on a heaviness scale. Think about it. Capharnaum could play right before Trivium on tour! And you would be on stage for like an hour and a half!

  3. Hey man are you will return to record any new album in a near future? would be great hear a new album, it’s been 8 years of your last album and I really enjoy it. Greetings from Costa Rica lml

  4. capharnaum is the shit. i own the fractured album and when i was like 14 or 15 it was amazing and it still is today.

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