Awful British Offal, Batman!

Here I am chowing down on some classic British delicacies.

10 thoughts on “Awful British Offal, Batman!

  1. I’m so jealous of the variety of different foods from different cultures and countries that you get to taste and experience.

  2. Matt, you are very articulate in the nature of food! And your perspectives about the local pubs and going abroad and experiencing the culture are really awesome!

  3. That would be the best part about touring, tasting all of the different food America and the world has to offer. Will you ever open a restaurant yourself Matt?

  4. there’s so much good stuff to find everywhere.

    the offal territory sometimes will turn lots of people off… but it’s all always worth a try. now – i don’t blame ANYONE for not digging the cockles or the jellied eel… however – in the USA – sweetbreads (thymus) is one of my favorite things on earth. that – ya gotta like.

    • I would’ve tried everything in that video gladly, I love trying absolutely any food, especially ones that would be typically considered strange. Makes me want to be able to travel just to try all the different kinds of food around the world.

  5. Scotch eggs.. haven’t had one of them bad boys in a while! I was really, really glad you tried Haggis when Trivium played Glasgow.. I’d love to take you to my Grans and get her to cook you a some GOOD traditional scottish food.. it’s not all battered chocolate bars here.. haha! She makes the BEST lentil soup.. ohh shii! Maybe one day.. eh? :p

  6. You should really try some traditional dutch recepies when you’re here!
    Especially Boerenkool it fills your stomach really good, that is the most traditional dutch food. Also you should try: Poffertjes (mini pancakes), Bitterballen (small fried balls with gooey meat), Erwtensoep (pea soup), Frikandel Speciaal (gave it to a Japanese friend and he thought it tasted a bit like teriyaki), Hutspot (Mashed potatoes with carrot and union), and if you like Döner/kebab meat you should try a friet kapsalon (fries with kebab meat on top, with garlic sauce and chilli sauce, and to top it off cheese, the whole deal goes under a heatsource and the cheese melts, its the latest dutch food discovery and already popular!)

    Love your blogs, love Trivium since 2005!

    P.S. someone on Masterchef Australia made something like those Scotch eggs, you should look it up if you want to make your own! The guy’s name was Andrew.

  7. Awesome to see you trying out the dodgy british food!!! I agree with the disappearing pub, I used to work in one and now they’re all chains and focusing on being ‘Bistro’s’ and focusing more on quick and bad quality food, its dire. One food I would recommend if you haven’t tried it already, Pie, Mash and Liquor. A great tradition dish if you can find a very good shop that sells it prepared well.
    Websites awesome dude, keep rocking! \m/

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