75 thoughts on “Hear

  1. I’m gonna listen to this while staring at a strobe light and trying to go to sleep. After all, nothing relaxes you like a good ol’ fashion seizure. :D

  2. It sounds like my brain is trying to connect to the Internet through dial up, except I don’t mind it for some reason

  3. This is just for shits and giggles , right Matt? I like it but I don’t think it’s something that trivium should get involved with.. Maybe some sort of side project thing.
    Cool shit tho!

  4. Just woke up, it’s 7:33 in Italy and I’m listening to it.
    First thought: “….?!”
    Last thought: “Maybe I’m still asleep and I’m listening to something different…”
    Replay thought: “WHAT THE ****?!”

  5. Damn, I came.
    I think Shogun is your greatest work, but I’d be cool with you pushing forth into the electronica realm for a side project type thang.

  6. It’s just one of those things where people say…”I should stop looking…but I can’t look away.” Just in this case it’s “I should stop listening…but I can’t….” Hahaha!

  7. You are really awesome:o I hope, that no-one leaves the band, and you make 15 albums. A Skyline’s Severance kills:P

  8. It won’t work for me but from the comments I’m guessing it’s something along lines of Sonic Youth or The Dead C

  9. Did anyone else notice the random snare hit in the middle? Hahahaha, I swear you were high or something when you made this..

  10. Umm.. Matt will always impress me. Very wide ideas, charismatic composer in the metal. Matt you revolutionize the music. I’m fan!

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