2112 Acoustic Show (a short film by Trivium Japan)

As created and filmed by Trivium Japan, here is a short 30 minute film on the 2112 solo acoustic performance. It features chats with myself and my Swedish friends, and clips of many of the songs performed. Enjoy. 


5 thoughts on “2112 Acoustic Show (a short film by Trivium Japan)

  1. You’re great, i follow Trivium since 2006. I saw you for the first time at my first hellfest 2012 and i hope it wasn’t the last time.
    I like the way you perform Dying in your arms and Hallelujah.

  2. I got new headphones today and wanted to try them with your version of Hallelujah for the first time, it touched something in my soul and that’s because you live the music and you love it. Thanks a lot, you’re and artist.

  3. Love when your play acoustic sets like this. I know you have your two les Paul customs for electric guitars but my question is do you have a custom MKH acoustic? Or plan on having one made?
    I think a small performance like this for Trivium World Members would be so amazing! Any chance of that ever happening?

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