I wanted to make a post that essentially thanks all the fine folks at some truly incredible companies that “back me up” so-to-speak. 

These are a couple of my friends who hook me up with the gear that I use in my attempt to conquer the world. 

Maybe you’ll see some pieces you dig yourself, hit me up with any questions about the products these companies may have.

Thank you friends.

Gibson Guitars

Epiphone Guitars

Kemper Profiling Amplifiers

Dunlop Accessories

EMG Pickups

JH Audio In-Ears

Moscot Eyewear 

Apogee Audio Interfaces 

Toontrack Recording Software

Peavey Amplifiers

Munitio Headphones


K I I C H I chaos – Ramen Tatsu-Ya from Lobo Sucio Creative on Vimeo.

Here is a wonderful little present my dear friends at Lobo Sucio created for me. This was shot amidst the recording of Trivium’s “VI” in Austin, Texas. 

One fateful day – I was hungry (as always) – and my new foodie soul-mates at Lobo took me to Ramen Tatsu-ya, a little oasis in Austin not unlike a mini-Japan. The folks at Tatsu-ya do a perfect bowl of Ramen and I’m proud to say I downed at least 3 bowls in that shoot alone. From my initial introduction to Tatsu-ya, I found new friends in the staff and owners alike, and found a new spot in the USA that has some of the best food I’ve come across.

Basically – you need to get to Tatsu-ya. My current favorite is the Tsukemen or “Dipping Ramen” – surprisingly – it was my first time ever trying that style at Tatsu-ya.

If you’re unfamiliar with Lobo Sucio, they are the multi-medium-extraordinaires who create some truly fantastic visual art spanning across photography, videography, and film. Lobo Sucio is doing the Trivium documentary that surrounds “VI”; both in photo and video.

Be sure to get on their site and check out some of the work they’ve done with Sorne – my new favorite Austin artist (check out the short film Lobo did for Sorne – breathtaking stuff). 

If you dig the tunes in the background of this piece – that’s ol’ Kiichi-kun on the jams.

Enjoy this little food episode my friends created for me. Thank you Lobo’s, thank you Tatsu-ya’s.