(The Trivs eatin’ Yasui)

Toe Kyo Whoa Oh. Sahn. 


Amazingly, it was still the arrival day. Pretty much instantly when we finished dinner, we walked to another dinner. That’s how I do it in my home-land – if I’m there for only a few 24-hour chunks… I am going to eat that town like Godzilla. I think in that 1.5-2 day time frame, I consumed somewhere are 30 or 40 different dishes… probably guzzled down a gallon or two of Japanese beer to boot. I do not **** around when it comes to my food in Japan.

Koji is someone who I consider a dear friend. I don’t often get to see him or chat and such due to being on polar opposite ends of the earth – but when we’re together, we’re on the same brain waves. This dude even came to my engagement party in Florida when I first got engaged to Ashley. With Koji, I have eaten some of the greatest meals of my life… I have stayed out later with that dude than anyone I know… I’ve done headstands in rock clubs at 5:50am with him… we’ve eaten some insane shit too. Koji and I are cut from the same cloth: two dudes who put family and friends above all else… then food in second place… then metal and music in a not-too-distant third place.  Continue reading

Toe Kyo Whoa Oh. Knee. 


It’s a hike from Narita airport to any point in Tokyo… you just gotta be aware of the fact that it’s gonna take a minute. But just like the plane ride to Japan, the cab ride to Toyko isn’t long mentally. From? That’s a whole ‘nother story.

I wasn’t fully aware we weren’t gong to be staying in Shibuya itself – needless to say… I was pretty bummed. I know Shibuya. I love Shibuya. I’d live there in a heartbeat if it were accomplishable. But hell – I can’t speak Japanesea… so. I may not fit in. English is more of a rarity in Japan than you’d expect. Continue reading

Toe Kyo Whoa Oh. Echee. 


I don’t care what anyone says – Japan is the greatest place on Earth. Wait a second… what am I talkin’ about? Who the hell would disagree with that?! Japan is the greatest place on Earth. 

Once again, in the usual Trivium-fashion – we have decided to do something that probably isn’t in the best interest of health, safety and sanity. In the middle of the Dream Theater support tour, we were confirmed to play NYC, then to fly to Tokyo for about a day and a half to play one show… then fly back immediately to re-join the tour we were on. If you were flying us somewhere else in the world… maybe we’da bitched a little more… but this is Japan we’re talkin’ about! Continue reading

(Me playing John Petrucci’s live 7 string; with John and Corey B. Photo by Jordan Rudess)

John Petrucci and Matt Heafy guitar lesson episode 1:

John Petrucci and Matt Heafy guitar lesson episode 2:

John Petrucci and Matt Heafy guitar lesson episode 3:

John Petrucci and Matt Heafy guitar lesson episode 4:


I Love New York City… Oh Yeah… New York City (part II)


I play hard, because I work hard. It ain’t all hours of gorging and drankin’ and feasting all the time… but that’s the stuff that I work towards. We woke up after our night of extravagance and headed to Josh Wilbur’s studio in New York. That’s where we’d be attempting some new clean vocal parts over the pre-existing “In Waves.” 

We caught up with Josh at his really-rad old-building turned renovated-studio space where he played us some of the new Lamb Of God well before it’s release. Goddamn is that stuff good. Continue reading