Check out the death metal band I was in with virtuoso songwriter/producer Jason Suecof (Audiohammer Studios), phenom-guitarist/singer from one of my favorite bands on earth – Daniel Mongrain (Martyr), quite possibly one of the best drummers I’ve ever recorded with – Jordan Suecof, and Mike Poggoine from Monstrosity (bassist of Trivium for a tour as well). 

This was recorded right around Ascendancy (I can’t remember if before or after), I was about 17/18 years old.

If you don’t own this album – you need to get it.

Midwinter Darkness

Richie Brown and I’s Black Metal band, Minscar, performing “Throrns Ov Ill Lechery.” 

I am on rhythms and leads (alongside Richie who is also doing main vocals/rhythm.leads), I perform backup Death Vocals and Clean Vocals.

This is a live performance from 2002 at the FBI in Orlando.

Toe Kyo Whoa Oh. Goh (bye bye).


I typically require 7-10 hours or so of sleep to recuperate post-show; before a hellish flight lasting anywhere from 6-20-30 hours – I can pull it all off with like 4 or so hours; Japan – I don’t care how much I sleep as long as I eat a lot

Waking up early once again, for my final meal in Japan – I collected Nick, Paolo and myself, and headed back to the alley ways of kindly-hollering Japanese women and mystery stalls with delicious meat-smells pouring out. We did a few passes of the mini-restaurant stalls, cruisin’ that shit like creepers – and decided to go with the spot with the giant pot brewing meat-stew.  Continue reading

(Trivium “Down From The Sky” live at Loud Park)

Toe Kyo Whoa Oh. Shee. 


I am a planner. I probably will get on your nerves if you’re ever on a trip with me. I applaud my band mates and my wife for being such good sports when being down for my timings of things. We had the Loud Park show at night… but I planned out with Paolo the night before that we really ought to get into town for a badass Japanese breakfast before heading to the show. It was my goal after all to get as much food into my body in Japan as possible before flying back to the US of A.

We took the trek back into roughly what was the area of the first Izakaya spot we hit for first dinner the night previous, and began the wander. 

It’s tricky… I can’t exactly say that a wander into just any food spot even in culinary capitols will yield amazing food – you have to develop this extra sense to notice if a restaurant or food spot will have just what you need. Most things in Japan are not in English; most things in Japan are pretty inexplicable by definition to describe exactly what you’re getting in to… If you can handle the latter, and you have a sharp sense of what will deliver good food – you will survive on the road as a food-freak. Continue reading