25 thoughts on “Oink

  1. I love your dog! She is so cute. I have a pit bull, a pit bull/australian shepherd mix and a lab/chesapeake mix. They too are my furry kids. Lol. A family is not complete without a dog (or two or three)! :)

  2. hopefully miyuki can at least come out to the US festivals we do in a few months… somewhere where I don’t have to fly.

    i could never subject her to being in one of those tiny little cages!

    • What a cute little dog she is…
      You’re right, it is so cruel to put an animal into a cage, even more cute little dogs like her, you seem to be a really good father for her ! :)

  3. She’s very cute Frenchie-lady! i’m the proud mommy of a 16 month old French-English bully mix, named Sawyer! Bulldogs are simply the best ;)

  4. The way she looks…. I just wanna hug her-she seems to be a friendly and really lovely soulmate! Can you hug her instead of me, please? That’d be great :)! Thank you…..

  5. she is very beautiful, i love her colors! we just welcomed a male pug, Sebastian, to our family – i love their cute lil faces & big eyes! it would have been nice to see your miyuki at the show in beaumont tx :o)

  6. Hey, i know this is not the right place and please dont judge me, but i really want to make this present for my girlfriend. She is a huge fan of you and the band and i wanted to ask you if you could make a picture of yourself holding a paper which you write a name on it – “Noemi”
    she would freak out and i would appreciate that so much, i really hope you get this message and send me that one via email

    greetings from germany!

  7. She is so beautiful! Her personality is plain in her eyes! I have an Australian Shepard who is my closest companion and my most trusted confidont. Dogs can be more understanding than “us”

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